A tree showing both the roots and leaves - Samara Zagnoiev Holistic Coaching Services


A tree showing both the roots and leaves - Samara Zagnoiev Holistic Coaching Services

Holistic Healing can help with many aspects of everyday life or challenges you might be facing, such as anxiety, depression, fears, self worth issues as well as providing general life direction. 

In today’s fast paced world it’s easy to get caught up in the everyday stresses and to not hear the calls from our body to slow down and take a breath. With Holistic Healing I don’t only focus on the symptom(s) but approach the problem as a whole. Starting from an energetic level and moving inwards I provide healing on a spiritual, energetic, mental and physical level. 

I offer a range of one-to-one Holistic Therapies and all my services are done via Zoom. Please scroll down for more information about the services I offer or click on the links below to jump to the relevant service.

Holistic Counselling

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Are you feeling stuck or blocked? Does life feel a bit overwhelming? Do you find yourself experiencing anxiety or stress? Or do you perhaps just want to restore some balance to your everyday life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Holistic Counselling is a great way to explore and navigate any concerns and I will provide you with the tools for your ultimate self transformation. 

What to expect from a session:

We’ll start by talking about any concerns you have and/or what areas of your life you would like to improve to restore an energetic balance and mental wellbeing.

From there we can determine the best course of healing, this could range from Holistic Counselling and/or incorporating Holistic Healing Interventions, including but not limited to:

– Holistic Counselling

– Dealing with Loss

– Navigating Relationships

– Hypnotherapy

– Energetic Clearing and Cleansing

– EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) aka “Tapping” 

– Chakra Cleansing and Balancing

– Meditation Therapy and Mindfulness Practices

Introduction Session FREE: The introduction session lasts for 20min and it’s an opportunity for us to get to know each other, see if our energies align  and explore any concerns you would like to work on. 

Initial spiritual counselling session £65 lasting 55min. Follow up sessions are £65, if purchased as individual sessions.

Bundle Package 5 sessions £300, includes a discount of £5 per session for the bundle offer. 

Green Marble Painting - Samara Zagnoiev Holistic Healer
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Soul Plan Reading

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Do you ever wonder what your soul purpose is? 

Why you face certain challenges in life?

Do you sense that there is something more for you in this life?

Are you curious to learn how to align to your soul’s purpose?

These are a few questions many of us ask ourselves. A Soul Plan reading can help answer some of these questions by providing a deeper understanding, level of clarity and direction to your life. Soul Plan is a powerful soul guidance and energy healing system.

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Soul Plan Background:

Soul plan is derived from the sound vibration of your birth name. The method has its roots in the ancient texts of the Sefer Yetzira, the Hebrew book of Creation. It uses a gematria system to calculate the 22 letters which then translates to 22 numbers and  22 symbols which were channelled by the late Frank Alper (a spiritual pioneer, channeller and teacher). Author and Teacher, Blue Marsden took learnings from both the Sefer Yetzira and Dr Frank Alper, and created a modernised version, which we call Soul Plan.

Why the birth name?

It is a theorised belief that each soul chose their birth name based on the sound vibration and that name was telepathically passed on to the parent / name giver of the child, so although some may choose to change their name for whatever reason, it is the vibration of the name at birth that holds the key to unlocking your code.

During a Soul Plan Reading you will gain:

  • A clearer sense of life purpose.
  • Context and understanding of the experiences and challenges you’ve faced so far in your life.
  • Access to yourself on a deeper soul level.
  • Healing and clearing redundant blockages and patterns.
  • A deep activation of your own unique talents and abilities.
  • Guidance on how to overcome challenges, activate your talents and achieve your goals.

What to expect from a Soul Plan reading?

You will receive a digital version of your Soul Plan Chart. We will go over each section together from your Worldly Challenges, Talents and Goals to your Spiritual Challenges, Talents and Goals. Finally, we will discover your Soul Destiny and discuss how you can integrate your talents to overcome any challenges. With these newly discovered talents you will begin to live the life you were born to live.

Soul Plan Reading £120: 1 hour session, which includes a digital copy of your Soul Plan chart.

Soul Plan + Soul Transformation Package £200: 1 x hour Soul Plan Reading + 1 x follow up Soul Transformation session. 

Video Recording: If you would like a video recording of your session, this can be provided for an additional cost of £10.

*Please note that creating your unique Soul Plan chart takes time and preparation. Please allow at least 1 week prior to appointment if using the online booking system.

Soul Transformation Therapy

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Soul Transformation Therapy combines ancient and modern healing methods into a transforming new form of therapy. The purpose of this form of healing is to clear stagnant patterns, emotional and life purpose blockages and other challenges in order to help the individual become more aligned with their Soul’s purpose.

The beauty about Soul Transformation Therapy is that it can also be used as a Spiritual / Personal Growth session even when there are no obvious symptoms or issues being presented. Each session will provide huge transformational healing, leaving you feeling energetically and emotionally “lighter”.

Soul Transformation Therapy: £100 – 70min session

Soul Plan + Soul Transformation Package £200: 1 x hour Soul Plan Reading + 1 x follow up Soul Transformation session.

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Terms + Conditions:

  • A 25% deposit is required to secure an appointment
  •  The balance of the treatment fee is due no later than the day of your session.
  • A 24hr cancellation policy applies and deposits will be forfeited if cancelled less than 24hrs in advance of your appointment.

Although spiritual counselling is used to treat a wide range of conditions (both mental and physical) these methods may not be suitable for those persons experiencing certain mental/physical conditions. If you are experiencing a mental/physical condition that has or may warrant medical/psychiatric attention you must seek advice from a qualified medical practitioner.