October Energy Update

Hello Beautiful Soul,

Can you believe it’s October already? What a year it’s been so far. Good news is that we have some exciting energies coming up this month.
In this months energy update, I cover the following energetic themes:
1. Bringing Awareness to your Frequency : We look at how our individual vibrational fields impact the collective.
2. Letting Go of Attachments : What are you holding onto both physically and emotionally?
3. Communication Hiccups : Mercury is back in retrograde this month, so lets look at how we interpret the information we receive.
4. New Revelations : Bombshells coming to light in the mainstream.
5. Enjoy Life’s Pleasures : Taking time to reflect back on our intentions and manifestations and reaping the rewards.

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August Energy Update

August 2021 Energy Update.
In this months update I cover the following themes:
Division Energy on the Rise, Suppressed Emotions Surfacing, Self Transformation, Magic & Unexpected surprises.
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Love & Light
Samara – The Holistic Healing Coach

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THHC Blog Launch

Hello Beautiful Soul, Welcome to The Holistic Healing Coach Free Resource centre. Here you’ll be able to access monthly energy updates, meditations and self help

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