October Energy Update

Hello Beautiful Soul,

Can you believe it’s October already? What a year it’s been so far. Good news is that we have some exciting energies coming up this month.
In this months energy update, I cover the following energetic themes:
1. Bringing Awareness to your Frequency : We look at how our individual vibrational fields impact the collective.
2. Letting Go of Attachments : What are you holding onto both physically and emotionally?
3. Communication Hiccups : Mercury is back in retrograde this month, so lets look at how we interpret the information we receive.
4. New Revelations : Bombshells coming to light in the mainstream.
5. Enjoy Life’s Pleasures : Taking time to reflect back on our intentions and manifestations and reaping the rewards.

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August Energy Update

August 2021 Energy Update.
In this months update I cover the following themes:
Division Energy on the Rise, Suppressed Emotions Surfacing, Self Transformation, Magic & Unexpected surprises.
If you would like to view any of my previous energy updates, you can view them on my Instagram:
Love & Light
Samara – The Holistic Healing Coach

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Meditation Cover

Relaxing, Healing and Energy Protection Meditation

As energetic beings we release and absorb energy in every present moment. It’s important to learn how to protect your own sacred energy field in order to maintain a healthy energetic balance. This meditation is designed to relax and heal anything that needs healing as well as giving you the tools to activate your own energy protection shield.

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Meditation Cover image

Releasing & Letting Go Meditation

This meditation is designed to help you release and let go of any concerns or troubling thoughts. Leaving you feeling more relaxed and free of any negative or unwanted thoughts or feelings.

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THHC Blog Launch

Hello Beautiful Soul, Welcome to The Holistic Healing Coach Free Resource centre. Here you’ll be able to access monthly energy updates, meditations and self help

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Energy Update Cover Image July

July Energy Update

Every month I do a channelled energy update for the month ahead. In this months energy update I cover the following energies Emotional Heart Energy, Healing & Regeneration, Nurturing Support and more.

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