Samara Zagnoiev Holistic Healing Coach + Soul Plan Practitioner

Headshot of Samara Zagnoiev -Holistic Healing Coach + Spiritual Counsellor

About Me

From a young age, I’ve been spiritually connected on many levels and fascinated by the unseen and energetic realms. I’m an energy intuitive and clairsentient which enables me to  empathically connect to all beings. I also have the ability to channel information using my clairecognizance abilities, meaning I can sense information through a deeper intuitive knowing or feeling.

I’ve spent most of my adult life working in Advertising. I experienced what I like to call a “re-awakening” about 5 years ago. Since then I have been on a spiritual and holistic journey in search of my true calling and to tap into my spiritual gifts in order to be of service to others. 

I strongly believe we are all connected on an energetic level and are all souls having a human experience. 

I studied Holistic Healing, Spiritual Counselling, Soul Plan and Soul Transformation Therapy through the highly respected Holistic Healing College.  I received Diplomas as both a Holistic Healing Practitioner and Spiritual Counsellor and am certified as a Soul Plan Practitioner and Soul Transformation Therapist.